Driving school internal regulations

SIA ''Presto autoskola''
Member of the Board Zigmārs Jansons

SIA “Presto autoskola” internal regulations

I General issues

The internal regulations of SIA “Presto autoskola” (hereafter – “DRIVING SCHOOL”) establish rules for:

  1. trainee conduct on training premises;
  2. the organisation of the training process;
  3. the rights and obligations of trainees;
  4. liability for the violation of the regulations.
  5. Compliance with the regulations is mandatory for all trainees.
  6. Trainees admitted to the DRIVING SCHOOL may acquaint themselves with the internal regulations at the DRIVING SCHOOL administration or in the classrooms. The regulations shall be presented to trainees by the head of the DRIVING SCHOOL branch.

II Organisation of the training process

  1. The training schedule shall be agreed by the DRIVING SCHOOL and the trainee on an individual basis.
  2. The DRIVING SCHOOL shall be opened no later than 30 minutes before the beginning of the class.
  3. The trainee shall arrive at the DRIVING SCHOOL no earlier than 15 minutes before the beginning of the class.
  4. The duration of a lesson is 45 minutes.
  5. The duration of the break after each lesson is 5 minutes. The lecturer may, upon agreement with the trainees, change the duration of the break to a 10-minute break after two lessons.

III Rights of trainees

Trainees have the right to:

  1. gain knowledge about Road traffic regulations (CSN), traffic safety (SD), technical information (tehn.inf.), driving self-propelled machinery (movement safety) and practical driving skills with a vehicle corresponding to their chosen category as required for the TRAINEE to take exams for the relevant vehicle category and to obtain a driver’s licence in the order laid down in the legislation of the Republic of Latvia;
  2. within the training process freely express and defend their thoughts and views insofar as these are not defamatory; participate in the development of the training process and submit proposals to improve the experience at the DRIVING SCHOOL;
  3. receive from lecturers in a timely manner any information on examination and other training-related issues;
  4. enjoy protection of personal property at the DRIVING SCHOOL;
  5. enjoy conditions at the DRIVING SCHOOL that do not pose any threat to health or life;
  6. receive undisrupted training during lessons;
  7. use breaks for rest and to use the courtyard of the DRIVING SCHOOL in warm and sunny weather;
  8. take examinations missed due to justified reasons at another time by agreeing with the DRIVING SCHOOL administration;
  9. improve their learning achievement in line with the DRIVING SCHOOL procedure for the evaluation of DRIVING SCHOOL learning achievement;
  10. participate in the development of internal regulations, suggest changes and propose additions.

IV Obligations of trainees

Trainees have the obligation to:

  1. learn in accordance with their abilities;
  2. comply with the internal regulations of the DRIVING SCHOOL;
  3. preserve the environment, training materials, technical means of training and inventory of the DRIVING SCHOOL;
  4. respect the rights of other trainees to undisrupted training;
  5. abide by personal hygiene requirements;
  6. precisely execute requirements in emergencies;
  7. observe mandatory attendance of lessons;
  8. arrive at the DRIVING SCHOOL on time but no earlier than 15 minutes before the beginning of the class;
  9. attend lessons and classes with the learning materials and accessories requested by the lecturer (textbooks, stationery, etc.);
  10. comply with the directions and tasks provided by the lecturer in lessons and classes, without disturbing other trainees. Eating, moving around the classroom or leaving it without the lecturer’s permission is forbidden. The mobile phone ringtone must be set to silent. Filming and using conversation recording equipment without the lecturer’s permission is forbidden.
  11. Using explicit language and violence (physically, emotionally or psychologically abusing trainees and DRIVING SCHOOL staff) is forbidden.
  12. It is forbidden to introduce or use alcoholic beverages, drugs and other intoxicants, tobacco products, pyrotechnics, gas canisters, gas pistols, and to engage in gambling, in the school and on its premises.
  13. Trainees shall arrive to practical training sessions on time.
  14. When cancelling a practical training session, trainees shall notify the instructor at least 24 h in advance; otherwise, the session shall be considered as having taken place, and the trainee shall be obligated to pay for the time scheduled.

V Liability for violation of the internal regulations

Should the trainee violate the internal regulations, he or she may be subject to the following disciplinary penalties:

  1. an oral reprimand;
  2. a written reprimand;
  3. expulsion from the DRIVING SCHOOL.
    3.1. The trainee shall carry full material liability for damages caused to the DRIVING SCHOOL due to the fault of the trainee. The trainee shall submit a written explanation of the offence, included in the personal file of the trainee. In the event of material damages, a protocol shall be drafted, indicating the circumstances of damage incurrence, the value of the damaged object and setting time limits within which the object is to be repaired or replaced, or compensated for by paying twice its value to the school’s account.
    3.2. In cases with suspicions of violence, administrative or criminal offences, the DRIVING SCHOOL shall immediately notify law enforcement authorities.

VI Amendments to the internal regulations

  1. Amendments and additions to the regulations may be proposed by company staff and trainees.
  2. Amendments and additions to the regulations shall be approved by Member of the Board Zigmārs Jansons.


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