First aid training

First aid training for aspiring drivers, hunters, security personnel etc. – the basics of providing first aid, the “emergency chain” and practical skills.

The training is not limited to Presto students – anyone can apply.

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The importance of first aid training

Aim of training
  • To provide basic knowledge on the provision of first aid to victims in an emergency – practical skills in providing first aid and the sequence of actions.
  • Aspiring drivers of cars and other vehicles
  • Education professionals
  • Hunters and security personnel (firearm carriers)
  • Parents
  • Young people over 12 years of age
Duration of training
  • 2 days or 15 academic hours
  • Theory lessons (7 academic h) + practical training (8 academic h)
  • How to act on the scene of an accident
  • Practical demonstration of resuscitation (the ABC approach)
  • Stopping life-threatening bleeding
  • Action following various injuries (electrical injuries, amputations, foreign objects etc.)
  • Action following various accidents (chemical accidents, accidents caused by animals, accidents with several victims etc.)
  • Action in case of drowning
  • Transporting victims
  • Knowing the contents of a first aid kit
  • Upon completion of training, the trainee is issued a red first aid certificate, allowing them to obtain a driver’s licence and a firearm carrying permit. The certificate is also valid in other EU countries.


Price of first aid training
Theory courses 29 €
Repeat final exam 17 €
Theory courses 30 €
Repeat final exam 17 €

First aid training groups

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Category Home Time Days Duration Language
Category First aid Home01.03.2019 Time18:00 - 23:05 DaysFr / Sa Duration2 lessons LanguageLV Apply
Category First aid Home14.03.2019 Time17:00 - 22:05 DaysTh / Fr Duration2 lessons LanguageLV/RU Apply
Category First aid Home29.03.2019 Time17:00 - 22:05 DaysFr / Sa Duration2 lessons LanguageLV Apply

Where is first aid training available?


Telephone: +371 27748988
Working hours: I - V 09:00 - 18:00


Telephone: +371 27748988

First aid training procedure


Documents are issued at the driving school during the training period.


The training includes a theory test consisting of 20 questions.

Number of errors permitted: 4.

If the test is completed with more than 4 errors, it can be retaken.

the certificate

Once the test has been passed, the red first aid certificate is issued.

Issuing and validity of the first aid certificate

  • The red first aid certificate is required in order to obtain a driver’s licence as well as to obtain a firearm carrying permit.
  • The Latvian-issued red first aid certificate is also valid in other EU countries.

Validity of the first aid certificate

  • The term of validity of the first aid training certificate is 5 years from the date of issuance. It is required in order to obtain a driver’s licence.
  • The first aid certificate must only be renewed after expiration if the holder applies for additional driver’s training in order to obtain an additional category (for instance, if a driver with a Category B licence wishes to obtain a Category A motorcycle licence).
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